Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Atinar release for this week

In order to keep my word of showing some weekly progress, I'm compelled to post this first public release, even as it is still in something near to an "alpha" state... although the game is already fully playable. This one (alpha 080409) still shows many glitches regarding the incomplete graphical tileset and text positioning on screen, which has been resized to 240x256, in order to be executable on Windows Mobile devices.

The game so far has been ported to both Windows and Windows Mobile, a Linux version is currently under development and might see the light next week.

Also for anyone who cannot wait for the fully fledged Linux version, Atinar seems to run fine using Wine.

Don't forget to check its Manual.txt.

Please send any comment, suggestion or help offerting (we are looking for people willing to create further game content, as well as some new graphical tiles), to

(Windows binary alpha available here)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Atinar - The Valley of Misery

This is the first entry in this blog dedicated to my little "roguelike" project, by the name of "Atinar - Valley of Misery". Designed to run in both normal PCs as well as handy little PocketPCs.

Atinar is a simple and fast paced Role Play Game (RPG for short) that takes place in a fully computer simulated world, populated by all different kinds of "simulated people" (NPCs for short).

Although easy to play, and enjoyable even during a coffee break, it has enough deep and dynamic content as to be able to always show something new and interesting for the player.
While playing Atinar, inside the simulated world, battles take place, money exchange hands, people and monsters battle each others and even commoners live their simple life while the player (our Hero) crawls inside dark and infested dungeons, takes a trip to one of the many towns, or just tries to make a life as a warrior, a bard or even a common farmer.

Although still in early development, it is already playable and its coder is compromised to show weekly progress to the public, adding newer content whenever available.